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We are structured and dynamic organisation which specialises in security and safety services. Our business is safeguarding people and properties as well as organizing training for different categories of security and safety gadgets. This is extended not only to surveillance of urban areas, but also to personal property, factories, warehouses or stores, offices, residential homes, airport, seaport, schools, hotels, churches etc.
Our operational activities are divided into two units;

SECURITY UNIT: This unit comprises the following
1. Provision of Man-Guards security e.g. Security guards, Patrol Guards, Dogs Handlers, etc
2. Application of Security equipment e.g. CCTV, Alarms, Surveillance camera, etc
SAFETY UNIT: This unit comprises the following
1. Health safety (Pre-caution on health hazards )
2. Firefighting safety (Pre-caution Application on fire hazards,)
3. Rescues mission safety e.g. (First Aid Application) etc.


1. Corporate Security Guards
2. Event Security (i.e. Exam invigilation Guards, Events Parties security)
3. Private Police ( i.e. VIP Protection)
4. Security Consultants
5. Supply of Safety Equipment
6. Supply of Fire Equipment
7. Security protocols
8. Security Drivers
9. Training
10. Installation of CCTV Cameras
11. Supply of security gadgets etc.


Despite the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria issues licences to security companies, the truth in this industry is that, there is a wide gap between competent well-trained security officers and fly-by-night operations…..and in which Bon-Douglas Security services limited tend to operate a bit more like a military, where specific trainings and values are instilled and where background checks are usually performed to make sure the wolf isn’t being let into the hen’s house.
NB: You don’t need a complex key to open a complex door, but using the right key to open a complex door.
“Bon-Douglas security Services Limited” is the right Key to your security issues. We are licensed security service provider with NSCDC (Nos.000139) and registered with Corporate Affair Commission (000333).
To train and instill military attributes in security services.